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Hints for Parents of Scouts NEW to Troops 1097B/G

TROOP 1097 B/G is a “Scout-Run” troop!  Our scouts learn to take control of their scouting experience.

SCOUTS take the lead on knowing what activities are coming up, getting requirements signed off and blue cards turned in.  PARENTS will help with reminders and ask them for the latest news!

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Important Web Sites

Troop web site:   Resources page includes important files and links

Nation’s Capital Area Council web site: 

Merit Badge worksheet web site:


Class A:  Scout Shirt, Scout Belt, Neckerchief

During School Year:  at Scout meetings, traveling to/from activities (camping)

Any Formal Event

Neckerchief not required for camping

Badges/patches:  Troop number, Council Patch, US Flag, Rank, see Scout handbook for placement and application of other badges/patches to Scout Shirt

Class B: Scout T-shirt from Troop or other Scouting activity

During camping and summer meetings

Merit Badges (MB)

  1. Scout requests BLUE CARD and an MB Counselor to work with from the Scoutmaster.
  2. Scout meets with MB Counselor and works on requirements.
  3. Counselor signs off on completed requirements.
  4. Scout obtains sign off from Scoutmaster.
  5. Scout turns in signed card to the Awards Chair.
  6. Scout stores the signed blue card showing MB completion separately from Scout book.
  7. Parent Hint:  make a photocopy of the blue cards. Originals store perfectly in baseball card vinyl sheets in a 3-ring binder.

Rank Requirements

  1. Scout completes requirements and obtains sign off from Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), his assistants (ASPL), Scoutmasters, or Assistant Scoutmasters.
  2. Scout requests Scoutmaster Conference once all requirements met and signed off.
  3. Scoutmaster signs a White Card and provides it to the Scout.
  4. Scout notifies the Awards Chair that he is ready for his Board of Review (BoR).
  5. Awards Chair schedules the BoR, targeting the 3rd Thursday of the month if possible.
  6. Parent Hint:  parents must volunteer for BoRs.    You will be helped with questions to ask until you get the hang of it.
  7. Scout presents the white card, his signed book and be in uniform at his BoR.
  8. Scout turns in his signed white card to Awards Chair after successfully completing his BoR.
  9. Parent Hint:  make a photocopy of the signed pages in the Scout Book and, when awarded, the Rank Advancement Card.  Keep copies with Blue Card copies and originals with Blue Cards originals.

Medical Forms and Permission Slips

Medical Forms:  A copy has to be turned in each year.  Keep original.  Medical conditions, vaccinations and insurance information are critical.  If the Scout is going in for a physical or health assessment, take along a BSA medical form to be filled out.  If any changes occur, please inform Scoutmaster.

Permission Slips:  Print from Troop 1097 web site.  Fill in completely.  (Useful hint –keep copy of insurance info and emergency contact on 3 x 5 card on refrigerator).  Have Scout fill in and hand to you to verify and sign.

Outside Activity Hints

Put clothes in Ziploc-type bags to keep clean and dry.  Usually 1 day per bag.  (Nice when they come back, know what is clean and what is not). 

Regular tennis shoes don’t work for hiking, camping, and outdoor wet/cold weather activities.  Pack extra dry socks (not cotton). 

Select clothing that wicks away moisture.  Cotton holds moisture and loses ability to insulate.  Cotton t-shirts can work during the summer. 

Cold Weather Outdoor activities: No Jeans or Sweat Pants. No cotton clothing. No tennis shoes.

Camping Hints

Scouts will create a food budget based on the number of scouts signed up in their patrol and the schedule from the Event Leader.   General per scout guidelines are $3 for breakfast, $4 for lunch and $5 for dinner.

Scouts will create an appropriate menu and grocery shopping list (including quantities and other details).

Scouts should participate and lead the food shopping activity but parents should guide as such:

Stay within budget.

Know what your storage and transportation limitations will be (weight, food safety, waste).

Don’t overbuy, especially just to get a better price (including condiments).

Packets to mix in water for drinks are preferred over premixed drinks.

Parent Fun and Participation – How you can support your son and the Troop

Attend and participate in the monthly Committee/Adult Meeting on the 1st Thursday of the month.

Attend the Troop’s Court of Honor ceremonies for Recognition of our Scout’s Achievements.  It is important to the Scouts.

Come on campouts and other activities but remember you are there only to guide, protect, and have fun. Let the boys learn new skills on their own.  Need minimum 2 adults (2 Trained Leaders), prefer at least 3 adults.

Board of Reviews:  3 adults, other than Scoutmasters, are needed for review panel for rank advancements.  Easy and great way to meet your scout's friends and learn more about Scouting.

Be a Merit Badge Counselor.  There are so many different merit badges that you should be able to find one.  No cost to register.

Take on-line training, especially Youth Protection, on-the web or in classes. See Troop site (Resources page) or National Capital Area Council websites.

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